Video conferencing solutions help in Liaoning Province

Video conferencing solutions have been used to unify emergency response teams in Liaoning Province, China, as they looked to provide relief following a catastrophic flood.

An estimated 316,000 people were left fighting for their lives after a flood swept through the city of Fushun, destoying many communities and resulting in an economic loss of over 7 billion Yen (around £709 million).

When faced with having to quell the danger, governer Chen Zhenggao arranged an emergency video conference meeting at Liaoning’s Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters.

This technology was implemented following the tragic “8-04” flood in 2012.  The city’s Water Resources Department used 127 cameras to monitor reservoirs and critical water courses around the area, with this system coming in use once again.

With no way of reaching each other quickly, emergency response teams from around the city used Polycom video conferencing solutions to analyse real-time flood data and discuss potential relief methods. says the teams provided aid to thousands of people by identifying mitigation and assistance actions before putting them into practice.

Reflecting on the technology’s role in providing flood relief to Fushun, the director of the information centre at the local Water Resources Department was full of praise for Polycom’s solution.

“The Polycom video conference system has played a critical role in our flood control work,” they told

“The information platform has improved our cross-regional coordination and emergency response capabilities and it is efficient and easy to operate.”