Video Conference Exorcism

Interesting video conference application stories Part One

The first one in an occasional series of interesting application stories, as and when I come across them.

I read today about an exorcism by video conference. Kabbalist Rabbi David Batzri held an exorcism ceremony, to banish a dybbuk (the soul of a dead person who has invaded a live one) from a young man in Brazil in December 2009.

A man from Brazil claimed that a dybbuk had entered him. Reports state that voices began to emerge from the Brazilian man, even though his lips were not moving. The voice was saying, among other things, “The end is close,” and, “I sense many sins,” in a language other than the man’s native tongue of Portuguese. He cannot speak any other language. It is also stated that the man spoke through his stomach not his lips. His wife also said that he had been talking in a foreign language in his sleep as well.

The man’s friends approached a number of senior Rabbi’s to help. The request ended up with Rav Dovid Batzri, the renowned mekubal who has expertise in this area.

However as he lived in Brazil, Rav Batzri’s assistants arranged for him to be able to be in video contact with the Brazilian man via Skype, an internet video conference tool.

And you can see a video of it here.

Apparently it did not work and the man will now travel to meet the Rabbi in person, but perhaps it would have, if he had chosen to use an Eyenetwork video conference facility instead of a rather poor connection through skype. We have 33 video conference facilities in Brazil which you can use for many other purposes than simply business meetings!