V2VIP video phone announced from WCCI

Wind Current Communications Inc (WCCI) has announced the addition of an SIP-compliant, plug-and-use V2VIP video phone specifically tailored for small and medium business use.

The high-performance video conferencing offering is powered by Texas Instruments’ DaVinci dual-core chipset which provides high quality video output and yet remains affordable, said the firm on the Enterprise Communications news site.

V2VIP “operates affordably and reliably over existing network infrastructures, even firewalled environments,” said WCCI’s chief executive, John Monahan.

It also eliminates the “huge upfront costs and complexities in video telephony,” he says, because the V2VIP service is a “fully managed desk top video phone solution.”

What Monahan means by this is that the service is independent of the need for an analogue phone, adapter or desktop hardware. All that’s needed is PC or laptop with a webcam.

The video conferencing facility is light on resources too, using as little as 150 Kbps per call, PR Web informs. Meanwhile it also offers up to 30 frames per second of audio and visual transmission, worldwide extension-to-extension calling, a 7″ TFT colour LCD screen and hearing aid compatibility.

WCCI also clearly aims to tackle the US healthcare industry by supplying cheap domestic and Canadian call plans alongside the system too. It sees its system as being the ideal answer in the delivery of telemedicine and telehealthcare services, or perhaps used in government, security and monitoring applications.