Using video conferencing for job interviews

Video conferencing is a very versatile form of communication and can be used in many different fields. A great area for its use can be found in recruitment as candidates can be located and interviewed all over the world, regardless of the distance. In the past, people had to be flown out but many companies now find this to be a luxury they cannot afford! With social networks such as Twitter job vacancies are shared instantly and the so called ‘’war for talent’’ has intensified.

Global recruitment companies are now using video conferencing which has become a common practice in just a few years. Recruitment companies state that around 63 % of their interviews are conducted with the help of this communication method. It is flexible, as not everyone has the option to fly out for an interview due to other responsibilities and duties.

Of course it is important to keep in mind, that the best results are achieved when the conference is professional, with good quality of sound and image. The positioning of the camera is also crucial, as it is important to keep eye contact and see body language of both parties involved. It is also important for candidates to remember, that this is a professional meeting, not a chat on Skype or Facetime, and this is important because sometimes younger people are very comfortable with this form of communicating and in a job interview this could possibly work against them. Often candidates mistake interviews for a casual discussion and make mistakes that could result in them not getting the offered position. You must try to create digital chemistry and make sure your connection is secure and of good quality. It is also encouraged to do a dry run before the actual interview, make sure your appearance and language are professional and relaxed.

Companies such as Eyenetwork specialize in creating a professional video conferencing experience, and with someone taking care of the connection and doing a test call beforehand, all the candidate has to do is show up on time and make an effort to secure the offered position. This way there is a better chance that everything will go smoothly and the conference will be a success.

More tips for your video conference interview

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