Umi service to shut down

The Umi video conferencing service will cease to exist come January 31st, meaning any users have only two weeks to download any video footage they have saved.

The Cisco-run service will become ‘unusable’ on this date, according to Those still using the service will have access to support, meaning they aren’t sure how to download their footage, they can get in touch with those who can help.

A statement from Cisco on the matter, cited by, read: “You can continue to use Umi service up to 11:59pm PT on January 31st. If you want to save videos you have stored on, you must download them prior to January 31st.” A further statement also confirmed that until this date, the service will run as normal.

Those who have depended on the service will now have to consider their other options; perhaps deciding to take advantage of their local video conference facilities instead of investing in another online service. This could prove more reliable than software hosted online or accessed at home, thanks to the expertise offered.

Those in the know might not be surprised by the announcement, as retail chain Best Buy recently discounted the [price of the service’s units. Cisco is now providing a recycling program for said units.