UK aims to have fastest broadband in Europe by 2015

A £114 million finance package has been made available by the government in a bid to make the UK’s internet infrastructure the fastest in Europe, reports.

The fund, which is hoped will help the UK reach the goal by 2015, will be divided between some of the top cities for business. Total amounts issued will vary to suit individual needs.

Once implemented, the scheme will hopefully enable UK businesses to reach speeds of up to 100 Mbps which would help them better control their technology. It could also support higher-quality video conferencing options, which in turn would be of benefit to businesses.

London will get the biggest share of the pot, with a £25 million spending package. Leeds and Bradford, meanwhile, look set to be awarded £14.4 million. Belfast is to receive £13.7 million, Manchester £12 million, Bristol £11.3 million, Cardiff £11 million, Edinburgh £10.7 million and Birmingham £10 million.

A further 10 cities will be named in due course to share a second pot of £50 million.

Speaking to of the fund, new culture secretary Maria Miller explained: “These 10 cities have produced ambitious and comprehensive plans, which will turn them into digital leaders, and give their local economies a real boost.

“The new investment will help put these cities at the centre of the digital stage, competing for jobs and investment with the best in the world.”