Two months, seven days to pay for annual commute

A survey has found that commuters are spending almost a fifth of their annual take home pay just to get to work, reports HR Magazine.

Analysis by Virgin Media Business found that the average person driving to work spends £3,782 annually, translating to about 20 per cent of their net salary. 

The results were based on an average journey of 19 miles per day at the nation’s average petrol price of 129p per litre. To cover those annual commuting costs, Virgin calculated that someone making the journey must work for two months, seven days, seven hours and ten minutes each year, says HR Magazine.

Astonishingly, this means that means the moment that commuters stop paying for their annual travel fees is at 5:10pm on 10 March. Of course, those travelling by train often pay considerably more for monthly or annual season tickets.

The survey of 5,000 companies found that 14 per cent already give workers the option to work remotely and make use of video conferencing technology.

Mark Heraghty, MD at Virgin Media Business said to The Grapevine: “The thought of spending a fifth of your salary on commuting to work is enough to drive most people up the wall, but every year millions of us are doing just that.

“The idea that to do work you must be in the workplace no longer rings true. [Saving] staff a small fortune while offering a far greater work/life balance is an added bonus.”