Three-quarters of firms will adopt video conferencing by 2013

Three quarters of businesses will use video conferencing by 2013, according to a new survey.

The poll by a leading IT services firm revealed that half of the responding businesses were already reaping the benefits of the technology, with a further 25 per cent saying they plan to adopt it within the next two years.

It also emerged that businesses were also very excited about investing in telepresence facilities but additional cost and bandwidth usage were currently preventing them from doing so.

Bill Coe, who is business development manager for the IT firm, said that the emergence of video conferencing facilities amongst a host of platforms was a major factor in the growth of interest in the technology.

Speaking to Information Week, he said: “Today, people on desktops, tablets, or Android devices can participate seamlessly in conferences across all the other platforms, including immersive telepresence.”

“No-one has to be siloed anymore because of the platform they choose, and that has completely turned the tide in the video conferencing arena.”

The poll, which surveyed 631 IT and communications managers, concluded that increasing collaboration processes and reducing travel expenses were the main motives for wanting to invest in video conferencing. reported that multi-site meeting rooms are currently amongst the most popular video conferencing tools.