The Time is Now to Adopt Video Conferencing

1.  The equipment is too expensive. Wrong!

On a small budget, you can get a high-quality, business-class VC solution that doesn’t require dedicated IT support to make it work.  Standards-based, multipoint videoconferencing, content sharing, and security is available at less than £1,000 per room via some of the newest.

2. It won’t work without an expensive, purpose-built video infrastructure. Wrong!

New offerings support videoconferencing standards to work both with existing, in-house infrastructure.  New product options mean you can use a virtual, cloud-based infrastructure instead of making a heavy investment in servers and other hardware.

3.  New room systems must be the same brand as existing boardroom video systems. Wrong!

Newer, standard-based videoconferencing solutions work with most of the traditional videoconferencing vendors’ equipment and connect multiple different systems, fixed and mobile devices to sync up with whatever is already installed in the main conference room.

4.  You can’t mix cloud-based and on-premise. Wrong!

Cloud-based and on-premise options are now available on the same appliance-based solutions. These options can be used in the same organization using either the existing system or a cloud-based virtual infrastructure for hybrid architecture flexibility.  The flexibility allows for many creative deployment scenarios without cutting users out of the main video network.

5.  You need dedicated IT support to get every video call started. Wrong!

The latest solutions are designed for non-tech specialists and are easy to use. Today’s video conferencing is lighter on the budget and so easy to use – even your Mum could do it!

The market is confused by a plethora of new offerings with widely differing functions and access methods.  A bigger issue is the very deep gap dividing two polarized segments of the industry:  high-end, high-cost, high-maintenance, boardroom-level offerings and person-to-person, low-cost, low-function products.

With over 17 years of experience, Eyenetwork can take the confusion out of it.  We listen to your needs and find the right video conference solution for your individualised needs.  We show you how it should be – simple and easy!