The Rise of Video Conferencing Communications

A recent survey conducted by Polycom, that included over 1,205 businessmen and women in 12 countries, revealed that video conferencing ranked third as the preferred method of communication (right after e-mail and voice conferences).  However the interviewed managers and business leaders are confident that in the near future video conferencing will become the number one method of communication in the world of business.

And how could it not? With the development of technology video conferencing offers straight forward and easy use, clear calls and the ability to establish good eye contact and clear visibility amongst the participants.

The majority of the respondents are already using this method at work as they take video calls at least once a week. The most dramatic rise in the use of business related video conferencing has been documented in Brazil, India and Singapore.  And the office is not the only place where businessmen make video calls, as the study shows that a high percentage of the poll participants prefer to communicate from their home at least twice per week.

The survey also reveals that individuals prefer to be connected via video-links from their own personal devices like laptops and desktops as this is a simple, professional and effective way to communicate, especially if one is on the move or too busy to travel for meetings. The second preferred method is visiting professional video conferencing rooms and thirdly businessmen like to use their mobile devices to connect if the first two options are unavailable. It is estimated that laptops and desktops will continue to prevail as the most preferred device in the future.

All in all, video conferencing will continue to be a big part of the business world, especially in the future with technology developing at such a fast pace, it will become an even more available, professional cost effective solution for businesses worldwide.