Telespsychiatry in Telemedicine

Increasingly, psychotherapy can now be delivered to patients with the help of video conferencing technology.  The term for delivering mental health services with the help of video technology is known under the term “telespsychiatry.”

There is a shortage of psychiatrists, particularly in rural areas, so the technology enables sufferers to access help and treatment via video conferencing . A patient study was conducted and the results showed that there were significant improvements with the patients receiving counselling electronically. It can be very relaxing to connect with a health professional from an environment where you feel safe and protected like for example your own home.

With the improved technology the high definition screens are so clear that the doctors can even zoom in to examine the patient up close. The technology also eliminates long waits and provides immediate help in crisis situations which can result in saving more lives.

Patients report that they do not find the experience impersonal in any way; in fact the new communication method has increased the percentage of patients who keep their appointments, as it is much easier with the elimination of travel and crowded waiting rooms. It is also important to consider that some patients do not drive and others may have mental barriers that can prevent them from seeing a doctor like in extreme cases fear of the outside world of the inability to interact with people outside their own home. For such patients and may others mental therapy through video conferencing presents a solution that can enable them to get professional help and find themselves on the way to recovery.