Telepresence studios offer rental at fraction of installation price

Many companies find that face-to-face meetings are an essential and regular part of business that they can’t go without. A growing number of businesses are choosing video conferencing facilities because of the money-saving opportunities this presents, whilst still allowing quality meetings to be held.

In response to the growing demand for video conferencing facilities from businesses, Computerworld has investigated the most cost-effective ways that companies can adopt this technology.

Telepresence studios present the best quality experience, the website claims. To have a room installed in a company’s offices, it would set a business back by as much as $100,000 per system. It would also burden a business with costly monthly fees to maintain and sustain the service.

Whilst the massively profitable businesses won’t think anything of forking out these sums, because the amount it saves on slashing travel costs for hundreds of employees, most businesses can’t afford to have their own telepresence studio built.

Instead, renting telepresence studios for fixed periods of time at a reduced cost is the preferred option. The bills are a fraction of the cost, but the business still gets access to state-of-the-art technology.

“Colour quality, which is extremely important for a realistic extension of one conference table to another, was outstanding,” reports Computerworld. “And the camera position is perfect for face-to-face meetings: I could look right into the eyes of a presenter and he looked right back at me.”