Telepresence revolutionising meetings, professor suggests

An information and communications professor has implied that telepresence is revolutionising the way in which we have meetings.

Speaking to, professor Leon Sterling, from the Swinbourne University of Technology, explained that it’s changing the traditional meeting.

“As soon as you start using telepresence you can have meetings in a way you didn’t have previously because of the quality,” professor Sterling said. Speaking from experience (he utilises it for many different activities within his work), the professor further explained why this may be.

“The body dynamics of people change,” he added. “We’re on a learning exposure of how you know how who you see and who you don’t see.”

He wasn’t the only person to comment on the increasingly popular technology either, as many others spoke to the website about their experiences with telepresence. For example broadband research specialist Chris Hancock said once a person has tried telepresence, other similar offerings just don’t seem good enough – particularly for the research sector, which requires “real-time collaboration”.

What’s more, Angus Gilfillan – the chief operating officer for ANZ Private Bank – gave an insight into how it’s benefited his own company. “It’s been a great win for the business: you have happier clients, you’re not spending as much on travel and you have better utilisation of your staff,” Gilfillan proclaimed.

Given that the telepresence market is on track to be worth $12.8 billion (£8bn) by 2018 (according to, these three may be joined by hoards of others heaping equal praise upon the technology.