Telepresence playing a huge role in industry, reveals Cisco manager

Effective communication and collaboration are two vital practices that businesses need to focus on in order to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

That’s the advice given by Tatchapol Poshyanonda, country manager for Cisco Systems Thailand, who believes the ability to immediately engage employees, suppliers and customers ‘is a must’, reports

As a result, video communication such as telepresence – which allows people to meet, share content, create high-quality recordings and events cites – is transforming the way ‘business and industry collaboration is conducted’.

Citing the role of telepresence in education, Poshyanonda reveals that more than three-quarters of top education officials around the world believe technology can play ‘a major role’ in how teachers communicate and how students learn.

He also cites the English and Welsh criminal justice system as a sector embracing telepresence.

“The system has acquired layers of bureaucracy over time,” he admits, “and an extensive efficiency programme is currently under way that focuses on three main areas; use of video technology, digitalisation of criminal justice case management process, and efficiency improvements from streamlining processes.”

In addition, video technology is also used in fashion, he writes. Tommy Hilfiger has implemented the first ‘virtual fitting rooms’ which enables immediate collaboration among designers and manufacturers.

“Teams will be able to discuss the development of every single piece of the collection face-to-face without having to take long-distance flights,” he concluded.