Telepresence mainstream, says communications expert

According to a communications expert, telepresence is becoming mainstream.

At a recent telepresence roundtable, David Stirling, telepresence business director at Polycom, said the technology is growing.

According to Enterprise Communications, he said that telepresence technology has surpassed “what people in the industry and our customers may refer to as a traditional videoconferencing because it now delivers a real alternative to those face to face meetings that we have to have in business.”

Many people felt restricted by video conferencing Mr Stirling explained, because there were concerns about how customers would perceive it. “The perception now with telepresence is that it does deliver that solution,” he said.

Mr Stirling added that telepresence “actually creates an environment where you can communicate both verbally and non-verbally across the table and across the room and actually have a productive business meeting.”

He suggests that another reason the technology is becoming increasingly popular, aside from the quality of communication that telepresence facilitates, is because it offers an efficient return on investment. In fact, he said that when looking at figures, telepresence offers a greater ROI than video conferencing.

However, Mr Stirling suggests that the technology is still a couple of years away from fully maturing. He believes the B2B arena has the most to gain from telepresence and as a result the sector will drive demand.