Super-fast broadband to aid HD videoconferencing

Super-fast broadband to aid high definition video conferencing

According to BBC News, homes and businesses in Cardiff, could be the first to receive the planned super-fast broadband, as networks are upgraded by provder BT, in and around the area.

Installing fibre-based broadband will increase speeds to around five times faster than normal, with download speeds of up to 40 megabits per second and the possibility of increasing this speed to 60 megabits in some areas.

In a recent report by entrepreneur Sir James Dyson, it was argued that such technological strategies would boost Britain’s hi-tech sector and set it apart from the rest of Europe. The ‘Ingenious Britain’ report commented that such changes ”must start with the government.”
Around 16,000 homes and businesses in the Cardiff area are set to receive the super-fast broadband within weeks, with work carried out by BT Openreach.

BT director for Wales, Ann Beynon, said that ”The upgrading of network and BT exchanges in Cardiff and Taffs Well is the latest vital step in ensuring that Wales benefits from exciting, leading edge technology, capable of delivering a wide range of innovative new applications, such as high definition video conferencing and 3D television over broadband.”

The news of high definition video conference technology has come as a welcome boost to businesses and those who operate video conference services. High definition video conferencing offers a more life-like experience and can enhance the capabilities of a meeting considerably. With the likelihood of more areas receiving super-fast broadband, more businesses should be able to harness such technology.

It is hoped that with all parties agreeing with Sir James Dyson’s findings, super-fast broadband will be available across the UK in the near future. However, rural areas may have to wait longer as the government decides whether a proportion of the BBC licence fee should be used to fund the service.