Skype bombing Zimmerman trial

Still think Skype is safe and the right solution to use when you have an important meeting?

On July 3rd in the United States, the country watched with much anticipation the murder case of George Zimmerman who was accused of killing Trayvon Martin.  As a witness testified this morning via Skype, pranksters watching the case bombarded the man’s account with calls, forcing the judge to interrupt the man’s testimony.

Scott Pleasants, a professor who was in Colorado, was about two minutes into his testimony when a steady barrage of incoming call boxes began popping up on the Skype screen. Each call was accompanied by a loud “pinging” sound. It appears that Pleasants’s username was visible on the screen, prompting the troll patrol to muster.

Full Video Here:

“I gotta tell you, there’s now a really good chance that we’re being toyed with,” remarked Zimmerman lawyer Mark O’Mara (who can be seen alongside prosecutor Richard Mantei in the Skype window’s bottom right corner).

At one point, four separate incoming call boxes were stacked on the screen, covering Pleasants from view (as seen below). As a giggling Pleasants tried desperately to decline the calls, Judge Debra Nelson ordered lawyers to “hang up the phone.” She added, “I don’t want those up on the screen.”

Pleasants eventually resumed his testimony via a cell phone connection.

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