Six in ten workers think the office will be extinct by 2021

British workers believe that the concept of the traditional office will be extinct by 2021, thanks to technological advancements such as video conferencing, reports

A study by a new media company found 58 per cent of those polled think that companies will not require physical office spaces in which to conduct business in a decade’s time.

The study was commissioned to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s cult hit, ‘The Office’.

Of 1,000 people were questioned, 56 per cent expect to experience a reduction in the amount of time they spend travelling to work or meetings. 63 per cent hope that in the future, just one device will be needed for work and for their personal lives.

Research indicated that over a third of workers were happier now than a decade ago, stating that improvements in technology helped them strike a better work-life balance, according to HR Magazine.

It would appear these changes are starting to happen already. 83 per cent said that they were much more productive now, due to advancements in technology, compared with 2001.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson – Mark Heraghty – said on behalf of the research team: “This is a trend that we’re already starting to see across the UK, with mobile working tripling in the last year alone.

“As employers search for more agile and effective ways of running their businesses, we’re increasingly finding that firms are swapping expensive office spaces in favour of a virtual workplace, where all activities can be conducted remotely.”