TV show The Good Wife relies on telepresence

American hit show The Good Wife is a bi-coastal production, which relies heavily on the use of telepresence technology for all aspects of the production process, according to Market Watch.

The show is set in Chicago but filmed in New York. A network of video conferencing rooms allows the writing team in Los Angeles to be consulted whilst episodes are being directed and filmed in Brooklyn. The completed episode is then sent back to L.A for editing and post-production.

“There are a lot of new members of the team for each episode, and many don’t know each other,” said Executive Producer Brooke Kennedy. “Video allows us to get to know each other much faster, and to stay very focused on the tasks at hand.”

“One of the top challenges in production is to stay true to the writers’ vision,” said Kennedy. “This becomes even more difficult when we are shooting across the country.”

Kennedy also said the team “become whole” when using their telepresence studios.

It saves key members of the production team vital time; without this technology that time would be wasted in traffic simply commuting to the studio. Flying the team between L.A and N.Y would take over 8 hours – this software spares the production crew lengthy and stressful commutes.

The producers announced last year that they were making more efforts to be greener. Telepresence technology has helped the show reduce its environmental impact by eliminating carbon emissions from travel; it’s a greener way to communicate and collaborate, especially when key offices are located over 2,500 miles apart.