Popularity of telepresence may only rise

Developments in the industry have taken telepresence from being a “tolerated” office tool to being one of the most important investments a company can make, reports.

This claim was made by tech expert Rowan Trollope, who said that technological advancements have made telepresence more central to business operations than ever before.

The prospect is there for telepresence to make further gains again, Trollope suggested, by harnessing the flexible options customers are now looking for, such as BYOD (bring your own device), quality immersive video and hosted services.

Furthermore, he claimed that more industries could turn to the technology in coming years, with technologically-minded office workers making way for “physicians… customer care agents, executives, mobile and desk-less workers” also getting on board with the technology.

Many of these, however, would need a complete solution that relies on a wide choice of compatible endpoints and world-class support, Trollope added. Only then, would firms see their business and IT value increase as a result of adoption.

“I believe that technology specifically designed to improve the collective creativity and productivity of the workforce is a critical investment,” Trollope wrote for, “and one that shouldn’t be left to a narrow decision based on a convenient licensing bundle, or a capability such as desktop IM.”