Employees prefer flexible working hours

New research shows that 56 per cent of employees would favour more flexible working hours over a promotion, according to

The study, which was conducted by recruitment firm Ambition, questioned 900 Australian IT workers. It found that although many IT companies in the country say they offer workers flexible timetables, the reality is very different.

According to the research, 27 per cent of respondents said that their employers did not offer any flexible working conditions at all, which could include the use of more mobile and email communication, or video conference facilities.

Talking about the data, Andrew Cross, managing director for technology at Ambition, told “While managers and management will say they offer it [flexible working hours], it doesn’t seem like those arrangements are genuinely available to all staff.”

He also claimed that many managers may feel like they are losing control of their business if they let employees work from home, commenting : “It comes down to the environment we’re operating in, which is a very risk-averse one since the global financial crisis. To give somebody the freedom to work out of the office… means you’re giving up some of that control over them and that’s perceived as a risk to the business.”