Oscar-winning producer to provide lectures via telepresence

Lord David Puttnam is preparing to deliver a string of university lectures via the latest telepresence technology, reports.

Lord Puttnam was awarded an Oscar for his production work on ‘Chariots of Fire’ (1981) and film enthusiasts around the world will now be able to revel in his wisdom through a series of video lectures. 

Students from University College Cork in Ireland to those at the University of Brisbane, Australia will be amongst those receiving seminars from the producer, who is using the technology to cut down on travel time and costs.

Lord Puttnam is said to be in discussions with other establishments in a number of countries and claims to have already delivered a module to 2,700 students in Beijing. Talking to, the 71-year-old spoke highly of the technology and believes other directors will soon follow suit.

“The opportunity for them to talk to interact with (Martin) Scorsese would be phenomenal but you are not going to get him on a plane, taking a week out of his life to deliver a two-hour lecture, it’s just not going to happen. With this technology, it could happen,” he commented.

Although directors like Mr Scorsese may not be pushed into travelling thousands of miles to attend an event, they might be tempted to deliver a talk at a nearby telepresence facility.

Research will be carried out over the next three years to determine whether the idea has become a success, but now such an iconic figure has championed the technology, other speakers might be inclined to hire out venues in the coming months.