One in four employees hate business travel

More than a quarter of employees have admitted that business travel is negatively affecting their job satisfaction.

In a survey of 1,000 employees by Concur, 26 per cent of those questioned said that travelling to meet customers and clients is a negative part of their job. reports that having to fill out huge expense reports was cited as the most annoying part of business travel, whilst restrictions on choice of travel, last minute changes and finding a hotel were also commonly listed. One in four respondents stated that business travel left them exhausted.

Business owners might be concerned to hear that such a high proportion of business travellers see it as a negative aspect of their job. More than three quarters admitted that they were unproductive during business travel as well.

However, those who have eliminated such issues by investing in video conferencing facilities for their staff could be pleased to hear about the potentially huge impact it could be having on employee engagement.

In an interview with, Concur’s EMEA senior vice president Isabel Montesdeoca agreed that companies should be making better use of available technology.

“We see these issues all the time. In today’s always on, always connected environment, companies can do more to improve the productivity and job satisfaction of their staff,” she said.