NHS makes savings by using video conferencing

Use of video conferencing has been one of the ways in which the NHS in West Kent has been making financial and environmental savings, reports The Kent News.

The primary care trust (PCT) has been running a new carbon management scheme, encouraging staff and colleagues to make use of reduced carbon methods when facilitating meetings and training sessions.

Video conferencing has been used to negate the need for time consuming and carbon emitting travel, following a conference on how the NHS could tackle climate change.

NHS PCTs in Sussex and Surrey are following suit after the event, held during Climate Week, highlighted their commitment to incorporating sustainability into all aspects of NHS activity without compromising levels of patient care provided.

Many companies are now turning to video conferencing as a way to more conveniently and cheaply liaise with colleagues and clients both nationally and internationally. Lately, use of video conferencing in the medical profession has been publicised, where patients in remote areas can still visit their doctor without leaving their own home.

Dr Caroline Jessel, sustainability lead at West Kent NHS told Your Sevenoaks: “NHS West Kent is at the forefront of this work as our Carbon Management Plan looks to embed a process of engagement and culture change to enable instinctive carbon management by all”.