If not, you will go out of business

I have never shied away from talking about VisionsConnnected’s commitment to interoperability, but here we are in 2016 and we are still talking about it? Haven’t we learned anything from the mobile phone industry? I don’t ever hear Samsung and Apple talk about how their phones can call one another. […]


Yes we are a video service company but…..

When a product does exactly what it promises and more, it can develop almost a cult following. Think iPhone, 3 Series, red soles. You almost don’t need the company brand to know what I’m talking about. OK, so maybe the Cisco SX10 doesn’t quite stir the same emotions as a sleek […]


VCEnhance: No more bad hair days during a video call

“We often hear that the biggest advantage of video conferencing is simultaneously the biggest hurdle for many people. Namely: the video aspect. With VCEnhance, users can indicate the aspects of their appearance they want to emphasize or not during a video call”, explains James Smith, Managing Director, Eyenetwork.  VCEnhance As […]

Video conferencing in the finance world

For years, companies worldwide have been increasingly using video conferencing as a tool to accelerate their decision making processes, to monitor instantaneous market changes and improve the service for their customers. It enables employees to share data (images, charts, presentations) with other branches and partners worldwide. In the past visual […]