New video conferencing solution launched

A new video conferencing solution has been launched by Telesphere – ‘VideoConnect’, a solution that is based within the world of the cloud and is CapEx-free.

The technology utilises the ever-popular concept of cloud computing; allowing remote hosting. According to the CEO behind the innovation, Clark Peterson, this means businesses can transmit video to every room in their office.

He told “VideoConnect makes video conferencing easy for every employee to use and extremely cost-effective for every-size business to deploy.”

Peterson added that it provides “enterprise-grade, cloud-based video communications to every conference room, office, business desktop and laptop in the world.”

In fact, VideoConnect is “HD video conferencing that supports multiple devices and integrates seamlessly with key, unified communications services”, according to fellow technology expert, Leslie Ferry.

Furthermore, it will help to improve the level of productivity seen within businesses; enabling employees to collaborate more easily and cultivate their relationships with clients in a more effective manner. It is technology that will work for businesses across the world, large or small, added.

Ferry concluded by praising Telesphere for its forward-thinking, stating: “We applaud Telesphere’s innovation in bringing a CapEx-free video conferencing solution to market that we believe can accelerate adoption of video.”