New technology creates rise in flexible working hours

Advances in technology have been attributed as a major factor in the rise of flexible working in UK businesses, reports

The survey, conducted by Polycom, said that advances in things such as mobile technology and video conferencing services, mean it is now easier than ever for employees to work from home.

The research showed that 40 per cent of workers now operate from home; this compares to 21 per cent ten years ago.

It is reported that mobile phone usage has doubled in the last decade, with many employees now adopting Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies.

Video conferencing is also soaring in popularity, with many businesses opting to use it in place of face-to-face meetings. It is now utilised by 42 per cent of businesses, compared with 26 per cent ten years ago, according to the survey.

Social media was also cited as a factor.

Gary Rider, president at Polycom EMEA, told “Flexible working arrangements benefit everyone: employees who want a better work/life balance; businesses who would enjoy a more productive workforce; and the UK economy that needs to reduce the £8bn annual spend on congestion.

He continued: “With collaboration technologies empowering people to work from anywhere and on any device, nothing should stop employers from embracing the new ways of working.”