New technology allows screens to display hi-res 2D and 3D images

New technology which allows screens to display 2D and 3D images simultaneously has been released by Review Display Systems (RDS).

The product, known as Horizontally Double-Density Panel (HDDP) technology, includes 3D LCD Display Panels which come in a range of sizes allowing users to enjoy a three-dimensional experience without glasses.

What’s more, reports that 2D and 3D images are still displayed at the same brightness and resolution as one another. The technology could potentially be used to help present a more complete experience at telepresence studios.

Three-dimensional images typically are displayed at a lower resolution than because 2D images. However, reports that the panels overcome this hurdle by doubling the horizontal pixel density of conventional LCDs. This is achieved by rotating the RGB sub-pixels 90 degrees and dividing them and reportedly allows each eye to receive a full resolution image.

Graham Smith, who is sales manager at Review Display Systems, predicted that the technology would impress most users of 3D technology.

He said: “With the ability to display more realistic 3D images or data to the user, without the use of special glasses, it is much more than just a ‘flat panel’ – it’s a truly realistic 3D image display,” he said.