New Polycom RealPresence Platform to power telepresence

Polycom has launched a new piece of software that will be used to power its high-definition (HD) telepresence systems, aiming to be user-friendly and compatible with a variety of other services.

According to Unified Communications, the RealPresence Platform can be integrated with social networking tools, core security infrastructures and other business applications.

The universal video collaboration software has been developed to offer a secure telepresence option for customers utilising any number of IT systems, with the aim being to allow people owning different equipment to connect easily.

Writing for, technology expert Peter Bernstein hailed Polycom for its efforts at developing “interoperability”, pointing out that veterans of the IT industry will no doubt remember the countless frustrations over the years when brands have made “islands” of their products.

Bernstein noted that the fax machine did not achieve explosive levels of growth until the early 1980s when standardisation was brought in. In his view, walled gardens are simply not sustainable in the long term and firms must embrace open boundaries in the modern consumer space.

“Ecosystems thrive when open-standards approaches are used and interoperability is enabled. It is encouraging that Polycom not only has recognised this but is leading the charge,” he added.