HD Video Conferencing Initiative adds members

An array of telecoms firms and infrastructure solutions vendors have signed up to the High Definition Video Conferencing Initiative, according to

BT, GENBAND, Huawei, KPN and ZTE have all confirmed themselves as members of the Initiative, which relies on the ‘participation of key interested industry players’.

Other firms which can claim membership of the initiative include Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom-Orange, Ericsson, Polycom and many more.

Built on a corporate governance model, the Initiative wants to support ‘easy-to-use’ services across a variety of networks and video equipment, regardless of the country or destination of a call.

Through the cooperation of each operator, video conferencing will turn into a ‘fully interoperable mass market service’ that will create new standards for conferencing.

Consequently, by deploying video conferencing equipment across the globe, the collaboration between people and companies in different countries will become more efficient. In addition, the Initiative believes it will help reduce travel costs and lower carbon emissions, which will have a ‘beneficial impact on the environment’, reports.

Overall, the first half of 2013 will see members of the Initiative commence national and international commercial trials in order to make a ‘major step forward towards full service’s commercialisation opportunities by individual members’.