Manufacturer aims for simplicity with LifeSize UVC Multipoint

The enterprise edition of the LifeSize UVC Multipoint video calling solution is designed to be simpler and more accessible than other options on the market.

This is the view of Simon Claringbold, general manager and vice president of LifeSize Asia Pacific, reports He suggested the new product could help build stronger relationships, as it is aimed at customers ranging from work groups to sales teams and vendors.

Mr Claringbold remarked: “As with the standard edition, companies can purchase and scale LifeSize UVC Multipoint Enterprise Edition one port at a time.

“This makes it not only affordable for new customers just beginning to deploy video conferencing, but also for growing enterprises that need to incrementally scale geographically and serve an ever-increasing mobile workforce.”

LifeSize, a division of Logitech, has aimed to provide UVC Multipoint enterprise edition users with a user experience comparable to hardware-based options, while retaining the flexibility of software alternatives.

Mr Claringbold was recently quoted by as saying that the “pervasive” nature of technology has led to consumers expecting a certain level of reliability.

He pointed out that people will not accept that an application does not work in certain conditions, which places the onus on manufacturers and service providers to ensure their product functions in the most common circumstances, in addition to more niche situations.