London school saves thousands with video conferencing

A London school has saved over £4,500 by using video conferencing facilities.

Engayne School in Havering is a lead school for London in the National Outstanding Primary Schools’ SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) programme.

As a result, it holds regular meeting with its counterparts in the surrounding area, as well as 11 trips to Nottingham University annually.

In travel costs and supply cover, the school has saved over 2,700 travel miles and 66 hours of teaching time by using the technology. This equates to a saving of over £4,500.

Head teacher at Engayne School, Suzanne Ship, spoke to about the situation: “All six head reps from the different regions over England met three times a year using video conferecing.”

“The use of this technology means I can be in my school for the meetings and not have to travel or stay overnight in a hotel. Without video conferencing it would have made projects and meetings with the SCITT program much more difficult for us all.”

Speaking to Video Conferencing for Learning, Ship added that the school had seen other benefits than just those related to money; such as the time it saved, approximately 6 school days each year – or 48 hours.

She claimed this was time that could be spent liaising with students and staff.