Jersey states to embrace video conferencing

Some 90 companies and the local authority within the States of Jersey have agreed to adapt their operations in order to make them more environmentally friendly.

That’s according to the Jersey Evening Post, which reported that the companies and local authority officials had agreed to embracing technology such as video conferencing, and monitoring their energy levels in a bid to go green.

By using video conferencing services to facilitate their B2B activities, the States could help to reach their target of saving £65 million per year, by 2013 – in addition to reducing their harmful impact on the environment.

The news has been welcomed by most, with the States’ minister for planning and environment, Senator Freddie Cohen, telling BBC News how the changes would help. He claimed: “This new initiative will ensure that the States plays its part in ensuring that we minimise our carbon footprint and set an example of public sector environmental sustainability.”

Furthermore, the States’ deputy chief executive, John Richardson, told how the plans would focus on changing the in-built behaviour of companies throughout the Isles. He added that it would also focus on “managing demand on resource and improving purchasing decisions in a three-pronged approach.”

“Full support for this initiative is being provided from all departments, the utility companies and our supply chain,” Richardson concluded.

Amongst the other measures being introduced are a ten per cent decrease in the water and energy consumption of the States, and a 15 per cent reduction in the travel undertaken by staff. Decisions will also be taken to improve the efficacy of the States’ procurement policies.