Indian courts to increase trials through video conferencing

The Indian Prison Department is set to increase its use of video technology to conduct trials.

By using video link-ups, those situated in courts, jails or police stations will be able to keep track and contribute to trials conducted via video link-up, in a huge move for video conferencing and telepresence.

The idea has already been implemented in facilities in five districts, but plans are being drawn out to have the technology installed in all prisons by the end of 2012.

Cited by, director-general of prisons Alexander Jacob said: “The project was implemented as part of the prison modernisation programme. The project would help speed up the judicial process and reduce the expenditure in transporting the accused to jails.”

The system should also help to eradicate problems that occur during the transportation of the more high-profile or notoriously difficult inmates to courts, as with the conferencing capabilities, the whole process can be conducted within a cell.

Speaking in relation to the systems being installed in even more prisons across India – fully completing the project – Mr Jacobs believes the technology will make guards’ jobs easier once it’s been made available, stating: “Taking the prisoners in vehicles involves huge risk and it can be solved once the project is implemented.”

Some new systems have already been put to use, as earlier this month, reported on the technology being used to conduct a trial involving 120 Somalian pirates.

The accused are situated at Taloja Jail and are currently being trialled through a webcam in their cells.