How safe is Skype really?

Perhaps you have heard the news of the scandal in the U.S. regarding the government listening in on mobile conversations.  Well, they are also listening in on your Skype conversations!  Many businesses have turned to Skype attracted by the video chat feature and no associated call costs, however is it safe?

Microsoft may have misled millions of Skype users around the world.  Information given by Snowden includes slides that were labeled a “User’s Guide for PRISM Skype Collection,” suggesting that the NSA has in place a method for eavesdropping on conversations conducted over the popular Web client acquired in 2011 by Microsoft.  According to the slide, NSA agents can listen in or watch Skype chats.

In addition to Skype being tapped by the government, specifically designed viruses and malware are being  designed to steal credentials for online banking sites, and also has the ability to perform code-injection attacks.

Besides from utilizing Skype it will also spread through local shares and removable drives. Basically, the C&C functions allow the attacker to:

– Execute files
– Get cookies
– Inject HTTP into a website
– Setup VNC
– Spread through removable drives
– Uninstall
– Update C&C server list
– Upload files

Shylock is one of the most advanced Trojan-banker currently being used in attacks against home banking systems. The code is constantly being updated and new features are added regularly.

Besides traditional activity like password stealing, this piece of malware tries to use installed Skype to send malicious links to the unsuspecting victim’s friends. Social engineering works really well in this case, and stats of the and URL shorteners reveal that those links receive about 12,000 clicks per hour!

If you’ve received any suspicious links, try to ask the sender  was it them, or is it just a virus?

Most victims come from Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Costa Rica, China and Bulgaria. Don’t be one of the victims – if you’ve received any suspicious links, try to ask your contact. Was it them, or is it just a virus?

These viruses can also control your CPU usage – if your PC unexpectedly slowed down recently and you see some processes taking 90+ percent of CPU in the Task manager, it’s time to check your PC with a robust antivirus.Skype poses many risks for you and the company.  Perhaps you should think about not using it and call Eyenetwork for a secure, HD quality video conference solution that even NASA, CERN and the Department of Defense USA trust!