High speed broadband key to growing small businesses

Experts have claimed that rolling out high-speed broadband across the UK would allow small businesses the “tools to compete” with their larger-scale peers.

Clodagh Murphy, of internet providers Eclipse, has claimed that the arrival of high-speed broadband in rural areas could allow small businesses to use immersive video conferencing.

This would help them to reach their customers and clients in a quick, effective way that would put them on par with their competitors.

Murphy also claimed that the implementation of such video conferencing systems would then allow businesses to make decisions more quickly whilst significantly lowering their travel time and costs.

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK and for the economy to grow we need to ensure that they have the tools to compete, regardless of their geographic location,” Murphy told

“A good example of this can be seen with the rollout in Cornwall – a combionation of public and private funding is enabling the rural areas in Cornwall to benefit from faster speeds and the latest technology.”

Another council lobbying for superfast broadband is Surrey, whose leader, Dr Andrew Povey, told “Poor broadband coverage and slow speeds hold back local businesses and put rural communities at a disadvantage.

“Unless we step in up to 20 per cent of Surrey won’t feel the huge benefits of high-speed broadband in the near future.”