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Video Conferencing Technical Help

First rule of Video conferencing, always do a test call at least 24hrs before the actual meeting. It gives you time to troubleshoot any compatibility problems between the video conference equipment. If the sites are unable to link directly then Eyenetwork can arrange an emergency bridge.

Glossary Of Terms

See the glossary page for definitions and explanations.

Hints and tips for a successful video conference

Dressing Well

Wear neutral, solid colours avoid a white or light jacket. Checks, stripes and busy patterns should be avoided as these may distort with movement.

Pre Interview

You should arrive 10 to 15 before the start time of the video conference so that you can become familiar with your surroundings before the interview begins.

The on-site operator will explain the process to you and will adjust the camera and volume if necessary. You will either see two or one television monitors. If there are two you are likely to see the interview panel on one and yourself on the other.If there is one monitor you will see the connecting site on it and then a smaller box in the corner of the screen showing yourself.

The reason for being able to see yourself is so that you know how they see you. If you are too far to one side or the camera is pointing elsewhere in the room, the on-site operator should alter this so that you can be seen clearly.


Modern high quality microphones are very sensitive so avoid tapping on the desk or shuffling papers.


Keep your hand or body movements down to a minimum. Rapid or repetitious movements can look quite jerky on a video monitor or you could move out of shot.

Eye Contact

As you speak try to look at the camera, usually positioned on top of the monitor, rather than the monitor itself. This will give a better appearance of eye contact. Speak normally as you would in a conversation, and don’t forget to smile.

Sound Delay

Sometimes there can be a slight time delay. If this happens wait a moment before answering questions to ensure that the far end participants have finished speaking.

Technical Problems

Should there be any problem such as the picture freezing, let the far end know. Explain what you can see, or not see and that you will be leaving the room for a moment to ask the on-site operator to help. Do not worry, on the rare occasions that this happens all that is often needed is a re-boot.

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