Green approach crucial to a good business

Tackling the root causes of environmental problems within an organisation provides one of the easiest ways of becoming a good, efficient business.

This is according to Gareth Kane of environmental consultants Terra Infirma Ltd, who says the addressing of key waste issues can result in the creation of a well designed and managed system run by dilligent employees. This, he believes, is a “pretty good description” of a good business.

Mr Kane came to this conclusion after a series of waste awareness workshops for top and middle management employees, which saw participants challenged to generate a map of key waste areas in their business and plan ways of tackling them at the source.

In his blog at, he claimed fixing these waste issues would result in huge business process improvements along with a reduction in waste.

The exercise spawned little surprises for Mr Kane, who concluded that waste and pollution are symptoms of poor design, poor management along with poor operative habits. Sometimes, though, some managers will purposely take this attitude in order to balance their books.

Mr Kane argued that it wasn’t a case of one or the other with staying green and generating profit, as companies with a high sustainability value generally outperform those who pay less attention to their waste management over time.

Furthermore, as reported by, companies that invest in eco-friendly technology like video conferencing solutions can save money on their travel costs and hotel bills as well as limiting their carbon footprint – so going green can also prove beneficial in the short-term.

Commenting on the current situation, Mr Kane wrote: “One of our key challenges is to tear off those blinkers so those business leaders can see the true picture is ‘environment and profit’ and, indeed, ‘environment or bust’.

“Whichever way you look at it, green business is good business.”