Government depts saving through video conferencing

Video conferencing has played a crucial part in a number of government departments saving £1.3 million during the past year, reports

According to the Cabinet Office’s first annual progress report, ‘Greening Government: ICT Strategy’, improving the energy efficiency of server rooms and reducing business travel by using video conferencing has helped government departments make a million-pound saving.

Departments including Work and Pensions, Justice and Health made the financial/emission-based cutbacks, with the departments saving around 232,000 tCO2 in total.

Furthermore, a video conferencing system at the Ministry of Defence eliminated 761 return journeys, saving 27.2 tCO2 since it became operation in February this year.

However, 10 government department datacentres are still costing at least £17.5 million a year, meaning that government still has some way to go to make wholesale energy efficiency savings.

“ICT plays a fundamental role in the UK Green Agenda,” said the report, cited by “However, it is not just about delivering energy-efficient ICT, but also about how green ICT is an enabler for greener and more sustainable government business operation.

“This means exploring the opportunities for smarter working and smarter; moving to online services where possible; exploiting collaborative tools; making better use of mobile technologies and much more.”