London businesses to telework during Olympics

The vast majority of London businesses are implementing teleworking measures during the Olympic Games, reports.

Figures from Harvey Nash recruitment and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) show that 80 per cent of London-based businesses are embracing some form of home working during the Games period.

While some businesses might simply be enabling their employees to produce work and submit it over the internet, others might be encouraging the use of video conferencing facilities to conduct business meetings, for example.

Even if the methods of delivery differ, the results reported by those polled remains universally positive. Nearly half (46 per cent) say that teleworking has enabled staff to improve production speeds, while nearly a third (29 per cent) say it has improved the quality of their employees’ work.

Better still, a quarter of respondents believe that teleworking practices could result in reducing annual costs – such as overheads – anywhere up to £100,000.

Albert Ellis, chief executive at Harvey Nash, says that the Olympics has provided the “perfect opportunity for businesses to test out teleworking”. However, he believes that more investment into the nation’s communications infrastructure – like its broadband network – is necessary to commit to teleworking policies full-time.

Colin Stanbridge, chief executive of the LCCI, added: “Home working is clearly a growing subject for London companies as technology changes the way we live and work.

“Being flexible with how and where staff work can bring enormous benefits to a business and getting it right can add to the productivity of a firm as well as staff morale.”

According to the research paper, cited by, teleworkers also reported a better work-life balance (54 per cent) and reduced stress levels (43 per cent).