Eyenetwork & VisionsConnected changing collaboration worldwide

The joined forces of these two market leaders in videoconferencing services are an absolute advantage to our clients. Merging the teams and experiences, results in a more effective service with new solutions and possibilities for customers on a global scale.

VisionsConnected bring almost a decade of knowledge in managed video conferencing and high quality visual and unified communication services. Their work ranges across different sectors in the industry, from government, to education. The vison of the company is to change the way people collaborate with visual communication by offering them an outstanding experience with a range of services that can be adapted to the client’s specific needs. The company supports customers in over 120 countries and has offices in the Netherlands (HQ), Belgium and Luxembourg, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway and the United Arab Emirates.

Eyenetwork is based in the UK and manages a network of 3500 video conference facilities around the world and with nearly two decades of experience we have worked with numerous sectors of the industry.  We are particularly specialized in the legal sector assisting solicitors and barristers by providing facilities or bridging the calls between the courts and the witnesses in remote locations. We are also very familiar with working with recruitment so we know how to make a video conferencing interview an experience that will be worth your while.

With joining forces we have eliminated the complexity of using the latest video conferencing technology and developed a service which makes your video conferencing needs easy by taking all the concerns into our own hands.

We not only offer the opportunity to hire a video conferencing room, but the freedom of making your own decisions. Now you can connect from multiple locations (home, the office, while traveling) from various devices (laptop, VC equipment, smartphone or tablet) to multiple sites and locations all over the world and enjoy the benefits of the service and leave the burdens to the experts.

The relationship with VisionsConnected is only in its infancy and yet there have already been so many benefits for our customers, so we are confident that with time and joined efforts we will take the video conferencing world by storm.


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