Experts urge video conference participants to check their appearance

Video conference participants are being urged to remember that their appearance can be just as important as the content of the call, experts advise.

As most business people are aware, a certain amount of etiquette applies in a meeting – from the initial handshake to stifling a yawn. In a video conference, a different but specific set of rules applies  – the first of which is: don’t forget that people are watching.

Consequently, appearance is extremely important, as ‘what you wear will go a long way to how your reputation will be perceived’, according to Andy Beal, writing for Dressing professionally or at least in keeping with the business or the theme of the meeting is key. Inappropriately dressed people could be regarded as slapdash or disrespectful by their contacts.

Furthermore, it is worse still to sport something that might cause offence to colleagues and clients around the world. Hence it may be crucial to cover up with a scarf, put on a smart jacket or don a tie. In addition, the website writes, a slogan T-shirt may be misinterpreted, so is best avoided all together.

Another reminder offered by writer and video conference proponent, Chanie Kirschner, is to “check your head” before appearing in front of the video camera: “this means your hair, your teeth, your face your nose – anything you would check before a date or an interview”. While humorous, there is nothing worse for the chairperson to discover they had conducted an entire video conference with spinach in their teeth.