Eco-businesses to help save the planet

Norfolk business owners are urging other companies and members of the public to keep our planet green and, in the long term, save money, reports

Methods of saving the environment can include solar panelling, introducing video conferencing to cut travel costs, property insulation and more. Making these changes can be essential to keeping a business afloat, says the winner of the eco-hero award Joe Ray. Mr Ray won the award at the Norwich Eco Awards this year.

“It’s about changing the mindset of people,” said Mr Ray. “For example, if staff appreciate small things and the effects of wastage, then that’s going to make a difference. It’s about getting people to look at things differently and see what can be done with the things they already have.”

Video conferencing, solar panels and other green methods have been given the thumbs up by Lee Rose, winner of the eco small business category.

“We’ve been lucky to make a real contribution. Norwich is a great place to live and I think it’s nice to be able to have something that acknowledges eco achievements.” notes that green technology like video conferencing should be eligible for “tax breaks” as they save professionals “many time-consuming journeys.”