Don’t let hectic weather interrupt your business meetings

With the summer coming to an end it is also the end of friendly weather. Especially in the recent years there have been severe storms worldwide as well as natural disasters and these can unfortunately put a stop to a company’s operation. For example, the Iceland volcano in 2010 disrupted air travel and this affected many businesses all over the world. Hurricanes hit the American coasts on a yearly basis, earthquakes, tornados, and all these disasters cause devastation, not only for the locals but for the businesses connected to the area.

The bad weather and random unpredictable disasters are not an excuse and every good business should have a plan on how to maintain business continuity in these conditions. Especially with small businesses as these events often bring their operations to a halt.

Today’s advanced technology offers video communications which are the second best alternative to being there in person. You can not only see and hear the other party but also access documents, share presentations and monitor safety from remote locations. These operations can also be recorded and saved as evidence or for a later review. Therefore it is an excellent tool to be used in emergency situations when other options like for example flying are impossible.

Always consider safety. Video conferencing facilities are excellent but if there is an extreme condition like a natural disaster, it is important to keep your staff safe and out of the immediate area of danger. Video conferencing can be used from a personal laptop, smartphone or tablet so the candidate is mobile and connected at the same time. It is an excellent technology that doesn’t require on-premises infrastructure and enables you to continue with your business as usual. Also make sure you use a professional service as free solutions will result in poor quality or in bad conditions no connection at all.