Don’t forget video conference etiquette, claims expert

With traditional meetings dwindling, especially international trips, one expert reminds delegates to exhibit video conferencing etiquette, The Globe and Mail reports.

The advantages of video conferencing services are well publicised: reduced emissions, expedited decision-making, cutting costs and the promotion of work-life balance, to name but a few. No wonder researchers in London have found that by 2012, over a quarter of all meetings / conferences will be held via video.

With the increase of video conferences across the globe, one management expert has highlighted the need for VC etiquette on, to ensure the most respectful use of the advanced technology.

David King of recruitment agency Robert Half believes that “gaffes” can be prevented by adopting his top tips, the first of which is to “move away from the camera.” He recommends moving back about half a metre from the lens “unless you want your face to fill the entire screen.”

Next, he suggests making sure the room in which the video conference takes place is tidy and professional looking. Make sure there are no left-over coffee cups on the table that give a haphazard impression. Better still, make use of a clean, unbranded office and latest technology of external video conferencing services.

Lastly, Mr King urges delegates to “take a practice run” before the video conference goes ahead: “Even if you know the technology inside out, always do a quick trial run about 30 minutes before the meeting start-time to be sure everything is in order.”