Devizes high-speed broadband initiative

Companies across Devizes, South England, could soon be able to contact fellow businesses throughout the world more easily, thanks to the installation of fast, fibre broadband connections.

According to the chairman of Devizes’ Chamber of Commerce, Richard Jaggs, the £2.5 million initiative will be “extremely good news” for local companies. It is thought the high-speed broadband will help companies use efficient video conferencing facilities to communicate with clients and colleagues around the world.

“With pressure on broadband increasing through the many new facilities available – video conferencing is very broadband greedy  – it is vitally important for businesses in the town to have good broadband speed,” said Jaggs in The Gazette and Herald.

“Without this, existing businesses might be forced to move to towns where super-fast broadband is available, and it would be more difficult to attract new businesses to the town,” he added, arguing: “We are trying to create a sustainable business environment in Devizes and to do that we have to be on the same level playing field as other towns.”

According to, speeds of up to 40 Mbps (megabits per second) will be transmitted to users throughout the town, which is positive news for residents who use the internet for personal use, as well as businesses.

It is thought the installation of the broadband is part of a wider initiative by BT to reach rural areas throughout Britain, specifically targeting businesses who find it hard to operate properly online, due to slower internet speeds.