Shanghai and New York dancers use telepresence to rehearse

The first virtual dance rehearsal between Shanghai and New York was held last month, thanks to telepresence technology.

According to an official statement from Cisco, young dancers from the Children’s Palace in Shanghai, and young dancers in New York, held a virtual rehearsal to prepare for their joint performance in the U.S.

“Dance allows these students to express themselves fully through both music and movement,” said Jacques d’Amboise, former principal dancer of New York City Ballet and founder of the National Dance Institute, which is spearheading the joint performance.

He added: “As they have performed with some of our dancers here in New York, these dancers embody two beautiful stories – one story they tell through their movements on the stage, and the other story is the one that they will tell their family and friends about this journey.”

“TelePresence technology lets them begin sharing that story before they even return home,” concluded d’Amboise. “They share it through their smiles and laughter and pictures – elements of expression that would be limited by other forms of communication.”

“Today’s technology has the power to connect people in ways that were unimaginable 10 years ago, and Cisco TelePresence offers users and unparallelled real-time video collaboration experience,” explained Benny Lee, managing director of Unified Communications and Collaboration, Greater China, Cisco.

It’s part of Cisco’s initiative to reunite families separated by distance through telepresence, which will allow families into telepresence studios for two Sundays in Shanghai so they can have virtual exchanges with relatives living abroad.