Commuting on the train a ‘personal agony’, writes expert

Commuting to work in the morning is a form of desertion that creates a “personal agony” for workers.

That’s according to Benedict King, an Oxford to London commuter cited by Huffington Post, who believes the travel to and from the train station along with the train ride itself makes for a “solitary, compansionless affair”.

“If you lounge in bed, overrun on your daily ablutions, or can’t find your cufflinks, you have to make decisions about whether you skip toast, tea, or any breakfast at all, to make the train comfortably,” muses King. “Or you miss your train and then have to start rejigging your whole day at work to make things fit.”

However, there is technology available for workers to pull strings in the workplace without actually setting foot in the office. Video conferencing services allow staff to conference with people in the workplace whilst at home. In addition, video conferencing services can help save money for workers which would normally be spent on the daily commute.

King further vents his frustration regarding the commute to Notting Hill Editions: “It isn’t just the mornings that are stressful; the agony is repeated in the evening, with minor modifications. At the other end of the day, the stress comes from trying to finish your work in time to get the train home, rather than just getting out of bed.”