Cloud-based video conferencing tipped to grow

Cloud-based video conferencing has been tipped to become increasingly popular, according a new report.

Created and published by Heavy Reading IP Services Insider, the report concluded that increased globalisation could do a lot to make cloud video conferencing appeal to buyers.

The report, cited by, suggests that the lower costs of this service would surely make it an increasingly intelligent choice of communication – especially for suppliers of professional video conference solutions.

In an interview with, the report’s author, Denise Culver, claimed that about 71 per cent of large North American companies already have some form of video conferencing in place; adding that many companies aren’t fully utilising video conference solutions due to lack of knowledge, cost or poor quality of service.

However, this is likely to change with the proliferation of cloud-based video conferencing services, which are able to keep costs low by leveraging existing facilities and managing resources far better.

In her report, Culver explained that the biggest challenge facing video conferencing was finding a way of providing a measurable return on investment. This would help expand the technology into the business to consumer (B2C) market; building on its increasing popularity within the business to business (B2B) sector.