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Video Conferencing is the green alternative to business travel.

Be Seen, Be Green.

One of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) is air travel. With the worrying trend of growth of this industry overall, these are set to increase alarmingly in the next decade.

By reducing unnecessary business trips you can help prevent Climate Change.

Modern international business relationships and the ever shrinking globe mean that most successful businesses have times when they need to speak to someone in another country. Sometimes these meetings are short and often involve only a handful of the most influential people within the organisation. Video conferencing is an ideal way to conduct most of these meetings. It is not only cost and time effective (saving as it does on the flight time and money but also the accommodation expenses) but also environmentally effective too. No-one knows if we can halt the seemingly out of control global warming, but we can at least try to stop it from getting worse.

To see just how much CO2 emission you can save by having a video conference meeting, simply use our tool below. This calculates the amount of CO2 produced by one person traveling by airplane. .


Our belief in protecting the environment is such that a co-founder of Eyenetwork is also a Director of a non-profit organisation Carbon Disclosure Project: a secretariat for the world’s largest institutional investor collaboration on the business implications of climate change.

Eyenetwork is carbon balanced yearly by Clevel.


Useful links:


www.cru.uea.ac.uk One of the worlds leading research institutions and based in the UK

www.climateark.org A leading US internet portal and search tool

www.chooseclimate.org An excellent independent site focused on air travel

www.cdproject.net Carbon Disclosure Project aims to enable the world’s large organisations to reduce their carbon emission by openly disclosing it, thus starting a process of ownership and concern.

www.time.com A clear and detailed look at the pace of climate change

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